Preparing For Your Visit & FAQ

1) Why am I asked to fill out office forms beforehand?

Ever feel like you have entered a zoo in a room full of people? Ever waited beyond 30 minutes in a doctor’s office? Our average wait time is under 3 to 5 minutes. No more printing out forms to fill at home.  You can send it directly to our HIPAA compliant secured server, which is streamlined into your electronic examination record. At Exchange Place Eye Associates, we specialize in prompt and thorough eye-care. With the exception of urgent eye emergencies, we never overbook! Every patient is allotted up to 30 minutes face to face time with the doctor. In a rush and need an abbreviated visit? No problem! Please let us know when you check-in.

As your case may be unique and you may need more attention, please communicate this with us when you’re making the appointment. We custom tailor management and treatment for each patient’s individual needs. Please fill out office forms prior to your visit HERE!

2) Why is insurance eligibility and verification necessary prior to my visit and important for confirming my appointment? 

Unless it’s your birthday, you probably don’t like surprises! We do our best to verify and check eligibility prior to your visit, including copays, co-insurances, and/or deductibles (if applicable) especially should your appointment be during our peak appointment slots on Saturday, holidays, and late evenings. We find that a number of our patients appreciate the extra effort and reduces surprise bills after the fact and potential frustrations at our office.

Should we be unable to verify your insurance eligibility during peak hours, we will hold our usual and customary fee(s) as a deposit until your insurance reimburses us for the service(s).

3) Will my pupils be dilated?

An important part of a routine eye exam is the dilated retinal evaluation. This involves putting eye drops in the eye to evaluate the health of the back of the eye, which may result in temporary heightened sensitivity to light especially when outdoors, along with blurred vision, more so at near than in the distance. The effects while varying among individuals last anywhere from 3-6 hours. It’s not recommended you drive or operate heavy machinery, but exercise caution if or when vision is affected.

Should you choose to be dilated, please bring a pair of sunglasses especially if it’s a sunny day. If you cannot be dilated due to your pregnancy or breastfeeding status, and/or the need to return back to immediately nearwork, please discuss this with the doctor during the evaluation and he/she will advise accordingly.

4) Why am I subject to a $25 rescheduling fee after my second consecutive cancellation?

To meet the growing demand of the community who require our service, the policy is meant to free up appointment slots. Since we value the time of our patients and never over or double book, it’s ever more crucial that each slot is reserved for patients who can commit to their confirmed time slot. We want to be sensitive of any special circumstances, and the policy only applies to cancellations within 24 hours of any confirmed appointments.